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2021 Championship Registration - Clio 182


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In more detail

- Please have all your car information, licence and transponder details to hand before you start. 

- If you plan to hire a transponder from the Club then please write '750MC Hire' in the transponder number box.

- By registering you are agreeing to the 2021 regulations for the championship or series as linked on the respective formula page.

- Please note that previous season's race numbers are reserved for one week after registration opens, after which they will be opened up for anyone to secure. Additionally, in a championship the race numbers 1, 2 and 3 are automatically reserved for drivers who finished in those positions in the previous season's championship standings.

Choose your sticker pack option from the drop-down menu. As standard these can be collected at your first/any race meeting of the season, however the second option includes postage for these to be sent out to you in advance. Please note this may not be until two weeks before the first meeting of the season.

- 750 Motor Club membership is required (£25 for 12 months) in order to register for any championship or series.

- New members - please apply for membership in addition to registration - if paying for the two together then please write 'TBC' in the membership number box when registering.

Registrations are processed manually, after which you will receive an email back (normally within 48 hours, but up to a week at the start of the registration period) with login details and information about how to enter races via our online portal. 

- Please also download a Commentators' Form to give some background on yourself and the car - these can either be emailed to in advance, or brought along to Race Admin at the start of your season.

- Membership and registration must be completed by the person in question - by registering for a series or championship, that person agrees to abide by 750 Motor Club's Social Media Policy and Code Of Conduct.

- To register for a single event (£25), please follow this link.