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K-Tec Racing Clio 182 Championship - 2015 Tyre Announcement

Thu 27 Nov 2014

The 750 MOTOR CLUB are delighted to confirm that for the 2015 race season the control tyre will remain to be the DUNLOP DIREZZA DZ03G - 195/50/15 R1.
What has changed to warrant an announcement you might ask? let’s list them!
ORDERING PROCESS: We have set up a new, fast and very simple order process which is located on your formula page. Look for the tab called 'Tyre Order Form'
PRICE REDUCTION: Through additional sponsorship the price of the tyre will reduce by £7.50 to £87.50 +vat each.
FREE TYRES: At the end of each Clio meeting (2x) DUNLOP race tyres will be awarded as a prize to one driver. To qualify for the prize drivers must have used use the online order system located on the formula page. The same driver cannot win twice in one season.
PADDOCK SUPPORT: At each Clio meeting in 2015 a limited number of tyres (maximum 3x sets) will be made available to buy on the day, these can be purchased at the same rate of £87.50.Also for drivers that require a fitting service a cost of £7.50 will be charged.